Welcome to the Hawke's Bay Drivealive programme run in conjunction with KartSport Hawke's Bay.

Drivalive was established in 2005 after a terrible year of young people dying on our roads. Something had to be done.

The Limit Trust was established and a course constructed targeting High Schools students. The course provides a basic car control experience as to what happens when things go wrong.

A close liason was established with Kartsport Hawke’s Bay to provide track facilities as Go-Karts provide a great learning platform.

The course is funded by Charitable Trusts and is free to all students.

A Gold Cup is awarded to the best achieving student in each group who returns to school as a Drivalive Champion!

To date over 3,500 Students have successfully completed the course and the Trustees would like to recognise and thank those businesses andindividuals that have contributed over the years. They also wish to acknowledge Kartsport Hawke’s Bay and the Charitable Trusts that have continued supporting this Programme for many years