This section is ONLY for those who have enquired with KSHB and been APPROVED for an Arrive & Drive experience 

Before filling out these forms and making your payment please ensure you have a confirmed date.

All forms are expected to be completed and payment made no later than the Thursday prior to your Arrive and Drive practice date.

There is no liability on KSHB to accommodate any person who uses this registration without prior approval from Shaun/Alan/KSHB 

This is a 3 form process and will require you to install 2 seperate apps on your phone to complete 2 of these forms.

If you encounter any issues please email or give Shaun/Alan a call

Please take the time to read the instructions below and take note of the questions you will be asked where we have provided the answers - these are highlighted in BLUE - You will need to write these down in order to use the answers in your registration 


KartSport New Zealand App

  • When you click on Kartport New Zealand in the app store you will be asked to "Install".
  • Once installed you will need to select "open"
  • When the new screen opens select "buy a licence"
  • Once that is open, you will see 3 bars on your top right, click on the 3 bars and then select "Licensing" you will then scroll down until you see KartSport Hawke's Bay.
  • Select KartSport Hawke's Bay and this will then lead you through to your one day licence registration.
  • You will need to have a photo of yourself for your day licence, this can be done on your phone and needs to be a head and shoulders photo.
  • Licence required= senior 
  • Competition Class= Briggs LO206 Light
  • Transponder= leave this blank

Once you have done the licence, paid and submitted it there can be a 2-5 minute delay, do not switch out of the screen until your 5 minutes is up.

You can then click out of the App, Click back into the App, you will, select "Licence" and your One-Day Licence will Appear with your photo and licence information, Initially it may be a circle that is red, by time you turn up at the track it should be green. Green means your licence is active.

Please take note of your "SP Reference number" and write it down as this will be needed in the next form that you fill out in the Sporty App (instructions below)

Sporty App - This is to install KartSport Hawke's Bay

  • In the app store search "sporty NZ" it will say (sportsground)
  • You will then be asked to "search by name" - you will type "KartSport"
  • Scroll down to "KartSport Hawke's Bay"
  • ​​​​​​​Once this screen opens, click "Register"
  • Select Club Day  - complete your details in this form - in the payment section, click Arrive & Drive
  • Class entering - Briggs
  • Kart Number (Shaun/Alan will advise upon confirming your date with you)
  • Licence number (this will be found in your kartsport NZ App under licence - SP reference number)
  • Licence rating - Unrated
  • Transponder number - Shaun/Alan to advise
  • Club - Hawke's Bay

If you are under 18, you need to have a picture of your birth cert and parental/Guardian consent​​​​​​​

Plesae click on the links below and fill them in.

The order in which this needs to be done is 

  • Arrive & Drive Registration (Link Below)
  • ​​​​​​​KartSport NZ App install (Seacrh this in your App Store)
  • Sporty App install (Search for this in your App Store)
  • Arrive & Drive HB Club Day Online Entry ​​​​​​​