KartSport Hawke's Bay welcomes you to become a member

Whether you wish to progress a career in motorsport or enjoy the great family atmosphere at 250 plus club events each year, KartSport offers exciting and affordable motorsport for everyone to enjoy. There are KartSport classes to suit anyone from 6 years to 66 years.


  • Annual unlimited Practice
  • Annual Trailer Site
  • Annual Pit Shelters on first come basis
  • Prizes and Trophies


  • Family Membership 
  • Senior Membership (15 years & competing in senior class) 
  • Junior Membership (under 15 years & competing in junior class)
  • Social Membership (Non Racing) 


For the sake of clarity, If there is only one participant in a class and he or she has met the criteria of the Championship Rules, he or she will be the Club Champion in that class and should not be disadvantaged due to lack of other competitors.Club Trophies will be awarded to all Junior Classes and Keepsake Trophies awarded to the top three competitors in each class. The committee reserves the right to award Keepsake trophies through to 6th place for Junior Competitors at it’s discretion.

Club Trophies will be awarded to all Senior Classes. The committee will also consider Keepsake Trophies for Senior Classes if there is demand.

Trophies will be awarded at the end of year November Prize Giving that will follow completion of the November Club Day.

Club Trophies may be taken home but must be returned to the Club by the following February Club Day. They must remain in the Club’s possession from February until the next Prize Giving. The reasons for this are for engraving purposes and importantly to ensure winners actually receive their trophy at the next Prize Giving.

In determining the award of trophies, consideration and reference of the Clubs listed ‘Values’ have been considered.

The Clubs Values are:

  • Continuing recognition of our Hawke’s Bay Karting heritage
  • Encouragement of excellence and realisation of achievement
  • Integrity, ethical conduct and safety
  • Unity and harmony and respect of all stakeholders
  • Effective and transparent communication
  • Fun